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5,676 Good Words on John S. McCain

This is McCain’s closer, his last big reverb on the six-string as it were. And the frenzied standing-O it always gets from his audience is something to see. […] Who wouldn’t cheer, hearing stuff like this, especially from a guy we know chose to sit in a dark box for four years instead of violate a Code?

Two Predictions

Either of these events would precipitate a political crisis of a scale not seen since 1974. If occurring close together, they might precipitate a social and constitutional crisis of a scale not seen in this or the last century. 


We are here to remember what happened and solemnly say that “They” must not do it again. But who are They?

Hemingway on Il Duce

Mussolini is the biggest bluff in Europe. If Mussolini would have me taken out and shot tomorrow morning I would still regard him as a bluff. The shooting would be a bluff.

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Recent Publications:


Mending the Broken Dialogue: Military Advice and Presidential Decision-Making

Study examining the cultural and institutional drivers of civil-military friction, the doctrinal limitations of the military options formulation process, and the relationship between group friction and presidential decision-making. Proposes a series of reforms predicated on a close reading of 70 years of U.S. military history and interviews with former cabinet-level officials, COCOMs, and Joint Staff planners.


War Goes Viral

Social media has altered the nature of war. The viral propaganda of the self-declared Islamic State, Russian disinformation campaigns, and Chinese cyber-nationalism are all indications of a more fundamental shift in conflict—a revolution that threatens to catch U.S. policymakers and social media companies off guard. With P.W. Singer. (The Atlantic)


Terror on Twitter

Feature article detailing the online operations of the Islamic State and the diverse set of actors who seek to stop them. Also explores the nature of effective viral propaganda and the exploitation of communication platforms by terror groups through history. With P.W. Singer. (Popular Science)

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